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Imizamoyethu Creche

On the 9th of March, See-Saw-Do had their first volunteer sponsored painting activation.

We were contacted by Ruenda and her friends in January this year. They were interested in celebrating her birthday by giving back to an underprivileged community. On the day of Ruenda's birthday they've raised enough money and enlisted enough volunteers to transform the entire-play area of Imizamoyethu preschool near Phola Park in Philippi. 

Unbeknownst to the learners, we arrived at the school on Saturday morning, to give it a long overdue makeover. However all the bustle quickly drew the children from the surrounding neighbourhood, who eagerly lent a hand in the transformation. At the end of the day we left a transformed Imizamoyethu preschool, however we also left with hearts transformed by the inspiring effort of these volunteers.

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