Bongolethu Primary School Library

See Saw Do was commissioned by The Kamvalethu Fund to redesign the Bongolethu Primary School Library.

At the time of our first site visit, the library was being used as a storage area and would be reopened as a learning environment. By partnering with organisations such as The Bookery, we could ensure that the library would be well utilised and have good systems in place for long-term success.

With the limited budget available, we focussed our efforts on creating a fun learning environment, beautified with colourful wood cladding as a major element. Our friends at Design Indaba and Morag Myerscough were planning a big pop up installation at the time and were looking for a project that could repurpose the wood after the Design Indaba event. We took on the challenge and after a fun process of large-scale puzzles building and 3d rendering, we came up with a unique design solution for Bongolethu.


Client: The Kamvalethu Fund

Where: Bongolethu Primary School

Concept, Design & Implementation : See Saw Do

Pattern Design : Morag Myerscough

082 420 7283