Innovation Station 1.0 Pop-up Space 

The Innovation Station is a pop-up environment that fosters creative potential through open exploration and free play. Children are encouraged to learn through doing, following their natural curiosity to make, test and explore. The platform consisted of materials, tools, collaborators and a documentation booth to share ideas.

Client : V&A Waterfront

Where : V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Concept, set design, facilitation & implementation : See Saw Do

Concept, Visual communication & Set design


Taking the reigns from concept to implementation opened up the opportunity to design the full Innovation Station experience. This includes spatial design, event facilitation, communication and program design


Event Facilitation

The event is designed and run as an intuitive platform for free play. While participants are encouraged to explore the Innovation Station on their own terms, we provided a small group of collaborators to assist with tools, encourage ideas and document at the photo booth.


Collaborators are guides who encourage children to be leaders, run with their own ideas and learn from their own mistakes. This is what's important to us; Future innovators, curiosity, leadership, character, creative confidence,

team work, perseverance and learning through doing. 

Online Exhibition Showcase


750 Images were uploaded to an online exhibition showcasing different people and what they made.