Liyabona Library

See Saw Do was briefed by the Otto Foundation to design a library space for Holy Cross Primary School.

The brief had an array of challenges after the school had a tragic fire which limited the space available. 

Further more, the project implementation needed to be broken into phases to assist with fundraising one step at a time.

Through working closely with the school staff, we identified a dark under utilised space that could hold the vision for a library. Due to the limited resources at the school, we aimed to develop a space that is multifunctional. This space finds itself at the heart of the school, not only does it function as a space to store and read books, but it is a hub space that can host, staff meetings, presentations, after school programs and in the near future, a digital media lab upstairs. 


Client: The Otto Foundation

Beneficiary: Holy Cross Primary School

Where: District Six, Cape Town

Concept, Design & Implementation : See Saw Do