Our Approach

See Saw Do designs educational, recreational and public spaces for children. Our method includes facilitating children to be a part of a participatory design process. Spatial agency is encouraged through inclusive design approaches.

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Our Guiding Principles

Giving Children Agency

To give children agency and include them in the design process of personal and public spaces. 

Learning through Play

To create opportunities that encourage play. We believe play is a vital learning and personal developmental tool. 

Celebrating Childhood

To create spaces that celebrate children and childhood. 

Holistic Development

To create safe spaces that encourage healthy and holistic development.


To create inclusive environments and experiences. 


Our Focus Areas

Designing Play

Designing infrastructure and interventions that promote play

Libraries and Learning Centres

Designing multifunctional libraries that serves both literacy and learning needs. 

Designing with Children

Encouraging children to engage with the design process, ensuring more effective, impactful, fun and sustainable outcomes.

Collaborative Implementation Events

Celebrating active citizenship through corporate and community implementation activations.

Placemaking and Public Interventions

Design that encourages diverse and inclusive public spaces to foster better spatial interaction and usage.