Animation Station at Open Design

We were invited by Open Design Festival Cape Town to host a Animation Station Workshop at this year's event. The Animation Station engages children in storytelling, character design and tech tools. Participants can engage with smart devices and a basic infrastructure with an easy to use stop motion app installed to either create their own narratives or to just document the process of play. This workshop combines “hands-on” and digital play. This stimulates imaginative play, mathematical and creative problem solving simultaneously. The workshop engages children in making play dough, building characters and sharing their imaginative stories. Participants can engage with an open source stop motion app to create their own narratives and document the process of play. A HUGE thank you to Digicape for partnering with us and sponsoring the iPad Pros!

Children made their own play dough! Here is the recipe if you would like to try it at home!

Participants used the StopMotion Studio App to animate their creations. It is a free software available on Android Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. (Remember to download the Pro version if you would like to access the green screen function)