Salzburg Global: The Child in the City

We recently had the privilege to attend Salzburg Global's 574th session titled "The Child in the City - Health, Parks and Play". Salzburg Global facilitates and hosts international strategic convening and multi-year programs to tackle systems challenges critical for the next generation.Originally founded in 1947, to encourage the revival of intellectual dialogue in post-war Europe, they are a game-changing catalyst for global engagement on critical issues in education, health, environment, economics, governance, peace-building and more.

The world is becoming increasingly, rapidly, urbanised, with nearly 70% of the world’s population expected to live in urban centers by 2050. Over 1 billion children already live in cities, where new births are increasingly concentrated. While cities are exciting centers of innovation and learning, cultural stimulation and diversity, too many children are exposed to the downside - pollution and obesogenic conditions, poor housing, danger on the streets, and lack of access to nature and safe public places to play.

Holistic strategies can revitalise cities, children, and health by prioritising, designing, planning and investing in natural and cultural public spaces as the building blocks for cohesive communities.

Click here to download the statement drafted from session 547.

P.s shout out to my new friends from across the globe :)

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