Play Barn Build

We have officially kickstarted the #PlayZonnebloem project by building a pop-up Play Barn! 🎉🌻🌻🌻 The Play Barn is the new See Saw Do residency for the next couple of weeks. A space filled with prototyping tools and materials and a meeting space to share content with the kidZ of Zonnebloem. We’ll be partnering with the learners to redesign their playground through a series of hands-on projects.

To build the Play Barn we invited the students of Zonnebloem to get hands-on and be a part of the process. There was much excitement and we were amazed at how quickly these young doers got stuck in. These cool kidZ were full of energy, ready to paint, saw and build the new space for their school.

A big thanks goes out to Design Indaba and Morag Myerscough who donated the beautifully coloured plywood boards that were repurposed to build the Play Barn structure. Checkout the article on Design Indaba's website.