Play is FUNdamental

Play was the central topic of conversation this past week as we prepared for a little exhibition we hosted at Open Design Afrika.

The outcome of our pop up play promoting exhibition structure, was to:

- Ask: What is play?

- Why is play important?

- What constitutes a great playground?

- Why we think children should have agency in designing their environments/cities.

- Share insights gained from our Play Like a Girl workshop series as well as the next steps towards implementing the playground design based on the children's ideas.

- Include the public in submitting playground design ideas

The exterior of the infrastructure communicated our thoughts around play and playground design. We also shared workshop structures and findings from our recent "play like a girl" playground design series hosted at the Zonnebloem College Estate. The interior screened a collage of play interventions we've been fortunate to have been a part of over the past few years.

You can watch the video below!