Zonnebloem Grade R Outdoor Placemaking

The Zonnebloem Grade R Space has been slowly growing into the vision that we planned and it's been so inspiring to see all of the involvement from local community to make it happen. 🌻 


From student involvement to local corporate teams and school maintenance staff, we have seen a whole community come together to make this space into a welcoming, educational place of their own. Best of all is that the placemaking continues. Mr Meyer took upon himself to continue landscaping the entrance area and next we aim to extend onto the girls playground. We love how investing into one place can grow over to the next and inspire the community to continue the process. 👏🏿👏🏽👏👏🏼 Well done TEAM !!

Client : Otto Foundation

Where : Zonnebloem Collage Estate

Concept, design and facilitation : See Saw Do

Volunteer Day Prep Work


On Human Rights Day, we invited the people of Cape Town to volunteer their time and kickstart the prep work at the Grade R space. It was a fun day of Prepping walls, digging garden beds and preparing the ground for the grass installation.

IMG_1309 2.jpg
Mural Painting Event


We invited a local corporate company called Get Smarter to come and paint for the day. With the walls prepped and the design traced before they arrived, their focus was to work as a team, listen to music and paint by colour using the template provided. The two coats of colour, textures and line work was completed in 3 hours. Well done and thank you team.

Mosaic Workshop


We worked alongside the Grade R teacher and her pupils to make their space into a beautiful place. We designed low benches for the playground. Each bench holds a mosaic portrait that reflects the work done with the students in the workshop. The benches double as a set of balancing beams numbered 1 -5 with mosaic to encourage learning through play.

Building the Play Bus


Fantasy Play is important to add to the playground. We built the Zonnebloem Play Bus with easy to assembly materials.

Gardening and Outdoor Learning


Once the infrustructure had been built, we ran a series of outdoor learning and gardening workshops. The young learners learnt how to care for their plants with grey water and can now continue this process, taking ownership for their space, caring for it and learning along the way. 

Let the Placemaking Continue


Since we implemented the Grade R space with this community driven approach, we have seen the local community continue the placemaking and take ownership for the space. Mr Meyer the maintenance manager went on to landscape the enterance area around the bench and he has plans to continue down the hill towards the older play area.